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Keeping Track of the Early Signs of Dementia


Symptoms of dementia can vary from person to person. They would also depend on the type of dementia one is experiencing. When you or your loved one is experiencing memory problems, it is not a conclusive sign of dementia.

As a home care provider in Pennsylvania, we often help keep track of symptoms of dementia in our senior patients. Here are some of the common signs we look out for:

  • Subtle short-term memory changes – Occasionally forgetting appointments and remembering them later.
  • Difficulty finding the right words – Forgetting words or making sentences that are difficult to understand. Sometimes this is accompanied by a difficulty in understanding others.
  • Difficulty completing normal tasks – Getting distracted and having trouble with the steps involved in a particular task.
  • Confusion– Misplacing little things like keys, not remembering faces, forgetting what comes next in the day, etc.
  • A failing sense of direction – Not recognizing once-familiar landmarks and forgetting regularly used directions.

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