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Socialization in Seniors: They Need It, Too


Throughout our lives, from childhood to adulthood, we make friends. As we grow older, we lose contact with them. We feel lonely when we don’t see them for a long time. These feelings are the same for our elderly loved ones.

Nostalgia about the feelings of friendship is powerful enough to affect our mental health. And because seniors, even those under Live-in Care, are not going out and about. Because of this, the feelings of loneliness and isolation are much more intense. If this goes on for too long, our elderly loved ones will suffer, and it will affect them mentally, emotionally, and in rare cases, physically.

You can ask any competent home care provider in Pennsylvania, and they will tell you that our elderly loved ones need social interactions. When they keep in touch with their friends, studies have shown that it may increase their longevity. They become less isolated and are happier. Furthermore, meeting with friends can serve as physical activity, too! However, they should always keep in mind social distancing and proper protective equipment, especially if they are not yet vaccinated.

Receiving non-medical home care in York Pennsylvania might look like it’s the end of social interactions for the elderly. But the opposite is true. Institutions like Curantis Home Care can facilitate social interactions between the elderly safely and regularly to promote the physical and mental well-being of those in our care.

There are a lot more services that we are offering. We’d like for you to know them all so you can choose whichever the best is for you or your loved ones. If you’re interested, contact us, and we’ll set you up for an appointment!

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