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Teaching Seniors How to Use Social Media


Senior adults can take advantage of social media to connect with others online. All they need is a speedy internet and a smartphone to get started. They can also use their computer or laptop at home, whichever is available or more convenient to use.

The good thing about senior adults utilizing social media is that they can do much more than talk to their loved ones and friends through chat or video calls. They can also view photos and videos of the people in their community to get updates. They can even express themselves by liking and commenting on these posts.

If your senior loved one doesn’t know how to use their smartphone, computer, or laptop, you can schedule a time for you to come by and teach them the ropes. If they don’t have a social media account yet, you can create one for them and let them add all their friends.

Of course, you don’t expect your senior loved one to get it right the first or second time. They may even forget the things you taught them because technology can be complicated. In case you don’t have the time to drop by, you can always count on a live-in care professional to assist them.

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